Poem For The Lord

This is a poem I wrote back in 2018.

Woe, Woe is me

I am nothing without thee

My sinful nature, my DNA

I try to hide, but still display


I overexert to bury my hurt

How lowly I am, much lower than dirt

For even the earth, will obey the Lord

My deceitful heart is of its own accord


When I am in darkness I feel the sharpness

The pain from sin is never mark less

Save me Lord, to whom i pray

From my sinful nature, my DNA


There came a day, when I did pray

His presence came to my display

I couldn’t speak, I felt so weak

For it was God, whom I did seek


At first I felt a Godly fear

I’d never felt it oh so clear

I’d never felt a power so great

It caused my very soul to shake


Insignificant I felt

His Love then caused my heart to melt

His warmth inviting like the sun

After feeling cold and almost numb


His word I read for years and years

I prayed with joy and sometimes tears

I longed to hear from Him a word

Though sometimes silence was all I heard


In silence I held onto to faith

I read his word, to seek His face

My God, My God, I knew you were there

This moment answered all my prayers


As quick as It came

His presence left

Doubtless I can now attest

That God is there

He heard my prayer

His presence I can now declare


As time went by

My soul went dry

Depression taunted me

But why?


Awakened I became in Him

His truth instilled to me within

Back in the world without his reverence

I longed to back in His presence


I longed to be with God again

Though it’s His decision of how and when

Yet sorrow still crept in my soul

His presence left a Godly hole


The year that followed

Deeply swallowed

My life in loss

In pain, In sorrow


The biggest storms, filled with strife

Cut into me just like a knife

And in those days, I fell away

Ashamed I felt, the more I strayed


I numbed my pain In my despair

I sinned as though I didn’t care

Deep down I cried, I couldn’t hide

From God, The one that I defied


Still in sin

I prayed to Him

I read his word

My faith still in


This pain was more than I could bare

I failed you God

Are you still there?


Your presence in my memory

I can’t forget

I still believe

And I’m ashamed to even say

I wished I could forget God’s way


I can’t forget

You would not let

That’s why you came to me and set

Your light in me

I still believe

Forever Christ has set me free


I’ll turn away from what I’ve done

Forgive me Lord

My God I come

I’m not the one I was before

My God has changed me to my core


Please meet me where I am this day

I’m broken where I stand, I pray

Please cleanse me of my sin, my ways

Give me your nature, Your DNA


You’ve given me the gift of life

I lived through pain and lived in strife

I praise you Lord forever I say

For answering my prayers that day


I can’t forget

You would not let

That’s why you came to me and set

Your light in me

I still believe

Forever Christ has set me free

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