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Dad's Love I Never Knew



Dad's  Love  I  Never  Knew


There’s love I barely knew

I never quite outgrew

My heart still makes a painful sound

From years when dad was not around


I’m old enough and on my own

But somehow I still feel…

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The Torment Away From God

I wrote The Torment Away From God when I was suffering the harmful effects of religious and emotional abuse. I believed in a God that I had to earn my approval and love from. I thought I had to work…

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Was Innocent But No One Cared

This is a poem that reflects the struggle it is to accept abuse. I wrote this back in 2019 and was having the most difficult time placing blame on my abusers. I still believed that I was the problem because…

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Soul Decay

The pain I know is great, I think about my fate

I wish I didn’t feel this way, My soul is in it’s own decay


Disintegration started, With the child inside of me

neglect was there and charted, Although my…

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Frozen In The Glass

This is a poem I wrote back in October of 2022. I don't know about you but I have the seasonal depression and triggers that hit right around that time of year. I grew up working a dairy farm and…

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Poem For Justin

We all experience loss in life. I’d like to think that what we write can keep the memories alive of those we love. This is a poem dedicated to Justin. I’ve never been the same since you left this earth…

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The Damaged Tree

This is a poem I wrote back in 2019


The God above is whom I seek

The one so pure, so kind, and meek

His presence I cannot describe

No human words would satisfy


The lord must know what I…

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Poem For The Lord

This is a poem I wrote back in 2018.

Woe, Woe is me

I am nothing without thee

My sinful nature, my DNA

I try to hide, but still display


I overexert to bury my hurt

How lowly I am…

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Don't Trust Your Gut

Don’t trust your gut. 

Okay, maybe that view is a little extreme, but hear me out. I was scraping what looked like one foot of snow off my car. The rumble started like a bowling ball thundering toward the pins…

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